Saturday, March 5, 2011

Toddler Boy Quilt

One of my little guy's first words was "Melmo" meaning Elmo.
A few words later he learned to say "Buzz!" with much excitement. And, with the release of Toy Story 3, Buzz was everywhere. No matter where we were there was sure to be a Buzz to point out. After those two came "choo choo" (Thomas), "Orge" (Curious George), and Cars.

As much I would love for him to be into more mature colors, Americana plaids and stripes, the truth is that this kid loves his characters. They are familiar, and when he says their names we understand him - which makes for a very happy toddler - since he is often misunderstood and therefore frustrated.

Anyway, after seeing the new Toy Story fabric come into the Hob Lob where I work, I knew that I had to make my little guy a quilt with all of his favorite friends.

So, here it is!:

The quilt is about 40'x 50". Each Character is an 8" square and is paired with (2) 1 inch strips on one side and (1) 2 inch strip on the other to make a 10 inch finished block size.
In order to mix all of the different colors from the character fabric I did a thin 1" sashing throughout and a 2" boarder. I simplified the quilt by sewing the front, back and batting right sides together and then flipping and topstitching.

I quilted it with random swirls, numbers, and shapes on my regular machine with a free motion foot. It took some practice, but I got it done with okay results.

He loves it and so do I!

Hanging Sewing Machine Organization

A while back I bought the weighted pin cushion/thread catcher that is next to my machine.
While I was at the quilt shop where I bought it, I got some coordinating fabric to make the under machine hanging organizer. I finally got around to it, and I have no idea what took me so long. It was so easy and only took about 10 minutes to make. I wish I had tutorial pics!

I had a fat quarter of the blue fabric and a half yard of the red with scissors.
I cut the red to the fat quarter size and used the extra to make a pocket.

The pocket is simply a piece of fabric the width of the whole piece and then folded in half (the fold being the top) and then sewn to the blue fabric in straight dividing lines for separate pockets.

I then laid the blue fabric (with pocket sewn on) and the red backing fabric right sides together. I added a piece of batting, stitched around the edges. Clipped the corners. Turned it. Topstitched and done!

Very easy. And so functional.
This fabric will look great in my sewing room once I can find it. :)
It is buried project fury, currently. Hence my sewing machine on the kitchen table. hehe.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Halloween Rag Quilt

Here it is folks, the quilt that almost killed me.
It's a Halloween rag quilt for our Church's blanket trick or treating, of course!

8ft by 6ft
96 individually quilted and ragged blocks.

I used a different quilting technique for each block color.
Some have words or pictures. Some are just lines and swirls.

For this rag quilt I cut all of the squares out of the top fabric and also the back fabric (which was black).

I also cut the batting into squares an inch smaller than the fabric.

After making my block sandwiches with back fabric, batting, and top fabric, I quilted each block. I just used my regular sewing machine to do this. I drew designs onto the fabric with a disappearing marking pen and then "traced" them with my sewing machine. It was time consuming, but it wasn't difficult.

When all of the blocks were quilted, I sewed them together with wrong sides together. This puts the seams facing the top of the quilt.

After putting together all of the blocks, sit down, put on a movie and get comfy. Then start snipping! Wash the blanket and enjoy!

Toys for Boys

Here's an oldie that I haven't shared yet.

It's a toy car mat that folds up for easy transport to and from church or wherever.
The mat is just simply two pieces of fabric sewn together with the road sewn out of felt onto one of the fabrics. I put plastic canvas in between for stability, but if I did this again, I would just use some batting. Or maybe both the batting and plastic canvas.
When it is folded up there is a pocket on the outside for extra cars.
(I don't actually use this pocket very often. I don't have any flat cars like Matchbox cars, so my cars make the mat too bulky.

Another craft for boys that I finished more recently was this set of bean bags.
I used three different colored fabrics in three different boyish fabrics.
For added stability I fused a heavy weight interfacing to the wrong side of each fabric.
These are perfect gifts for boys with mom's who are nursing a new baby or boys who like the throw balls inside or are learning colors!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too Easy Scrabble Tile Magnetic Frame

This is just a little something I made up a few weeks ago, but last night the thought came to me that something similar might make a really nice neighbor gift or something!
So, I will share it now.

I was inspired by this post on Ucreate about a million years ago!
My twist?: I put magnets on the back of the scrabble tiles and used some sheet metal from Home Depot to fill the frame. I could have covered the frame with cute paper, but I liked the industrial look. :)
If I put magnets on the back of more tiles we could write notes to each other or spell other things!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Couch Pillows

After much anticipation (here, at our house) we finally have a start to new couch pillows!
Two down. Two to go.

I wanted a scrappy look... I think I got that.

I did the backs like this so I can switch these puppies out as my mood changes... err... maybe not quite that often!

Ta Da!

Another Rag Quilt

This little number was a baby gift. I always try to make something as a gift, and this particular day, I was feeling the need to make a rag quilt!

The fabric was all scraps of flannel I had.
I kind of like the random mismatched squares.